Body Language Training


Tuesday, 26 and Wednesday, 27 September 2017
Lancaster Suites
The Event

“It May be Human Nature to Lie, but the Truth is written all over our Faces, and all over messages we portray through our entire body!”

An Updated Body Language Mastery Program with In-Depth Understanding of Unspoken Emotions linked to Emotional Intelligence.

Being Empathetic is an epic these days, with so many distractions whether inner or surrounding us! It’s only THAT unspoken language which reveals and connects people across this entire globe.

Understanding Human Nature and our tendencies to LIE! Whether derived from Believes, Ambitions, Self-Satisfaction, Defensiveness, Offensiveness, and "What we really are versus what we want to be!"

This intensive two days program will arm participants with tactics and techniques applicable at every single moment of our daily lives, at work and at home.

During this Interactive & Interesting Program you will be able to:

- Understand Emotions & Emotional Intelligence
- Explain the important elements to consider when interpreting Body Language
- Identify the messages being portrayed by your and other’s Body Language
- Apply your understanding of Body Language to improve your communication style, you Social Awareness & Relationship Management
- Know what is Micro Expressions by Paul Ekman as a tool to concealed emotions
- Go Beneath what is being said – The Use of Words by Pamela Meyer




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